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 Micro Dot Miniatures is a small farm in Uncasville, Ct. whose goal is to produce beautiful, talented miniature horses with kind and loving dispositions, and excellent conformation. My show horses are pets and my pets are show horses. The stallions at MDM hold Supremes, numerous Championships and Reserves, Honor Rolls, ROMís, and AMHA National top 10ís in halter, color, open, youth and amateur classes. All of my horses were trained and shown by me and I am very proud of all their accomplishments.

 My love for horses began when I was born. At age two I had an imaginary horse I called Razorblades. At age seven my dad bought me my first real live horse Jingles, a half Arab who did every trick in the book, kiss, count, lay down, etc. He was such a great friend to have while growing up.

 I started showing Miniature horses in 1986 for a local mini farm, and then I just had to have one. I bought Evans Bedford Lad, (he makes me smile everyday) and Micro Dot Miniatures was born. Then I had to have a mare for my little stallion, so I bought Firelights Wonder, who was bred and had a beautiful little filly, Lacy.Thats how it begins, you canít have just one. They are easy to handle,easy to keep and real easy to love.

 Then one day my friend Joyce called and said she had a colt born last night, come and see. I walked in her barn and my heart skipped a beat or two. I knew he was born to be mine, so I bought Little Folks Bronco Billys Magic. Even now, nine years later he still makes my heart skip a beat.

 My first priorities are conformation and disposition, color is icing on the cake. I only have a few babies a year, I strive for quality, not quantity. I have selected some fine mares for breeding and showing. All my horses are AMHA registered and most are AMHR registered.

 Please come in and have a look around. If you would like to have your mare bred to one of my stallions they would be more than happy to accommodate you. Babies are so much fun.On the other hand if you see something you think you just have to have let me know, I do have horses for sale. If you donít see what you are looking for here let me know and maybe I can help you find the horse that makes your heart skip a beat. To contact me call (860)848-7708 or e-mail If you like what Iíve done with my pictures, visit my Design page. Have a look at my Red Golden Pheasants. Thanks for stopping by.

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